Leipsoi (Greek: Λειψοί, also: Lipsi) is an island south of Samos and to the north of Leros in Greece. It is well serviced with ferries passing between Patmos and Leros and on the main route for ferries from Piraeus. Lipsi or Lipsous is a small group of islets at the northern part of the Dodecanese near to Patmos island and Leros. Leipsoi is a municipality, part of the Kalymnos regional unit, which is part of the South Aegean region. Continue reading

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A dot in the Aegean Sea, on the borders of the Prefecture of Dodecanese and Samos, Agathonisi (meaning “kind island”) is a small, unspoilt paradise that takes its name from the kindness of its inhabitants. It is the northernmost of the Dodecanese islands, very near to the island of Samos. Continue reading

Kos Island


Kos or Cos (Greek: Κως) is a Greek island of the group of the Dodecanese, next to the Gulf of Gökova/Cos. The island measures 40 by 8 kilometres (25 by 5 miles), and is 4 km (2 miles) from the coast of Bodrum, Turkey, and the ancient region of Caria.

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Karpathos Island


Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodekanese – after Rhodes. It is situated between Crete and Rhodes, in the »Karpathian Sea». The location of the island is strategic since it is the natural bridge which unites Crete with Asia Minor. Continue reading

Rhodes Island


Rhodes has a rich history and throughout the centuries, it has always been a prime location due to the excellent weather, scenery and climate. It has many well-preserved monuments for unlimited sightseeing, which range from the Ancient times (Kamiros, Lindos , Ialyssos, Rhodes ) to the Medieval ( Knights Castle , Old Town) and finally to current times (Italian occupation architectural heaven). There are many picturesque villages that are examples of current local history and where the local produce, a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine are grown. Continue reading

Astipalea Island Accomodation



117 seamiles from Athens / Piraeus
23 seamiles from Kos
97 qkm (the whole archipel 114 qkm)
about 1300 inhabitants
482 m highest mountain
4 villages (Astypalaia, Livadi, Analipsi, Vathi)

Description of the island

Until the 19th century, Chora was the only settlement of the contemporary years of Astypalaia. The other settlements which exist today were created in the uncultivated spots of the island. Continue reading

Island Accomodations

island Acomodation

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, as every year it welcomes more than 12 million tourists, placing it among the top ranked countries on the World Tourism Organization’s list of countries with inbound tourists (according to WTO data). Continue reading